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Accessing Real-Time Data: Royal Services

October 24, 2018


Insight into real-time data

Brad Shyver, President and CEO of Royal Services has used Field Nation for the past few years. Royal Services is a national project management firm who works on multi-site locations nationwide.
Before using Field Nation, Royal used their own proprietary software system to provide deliverables to their clients. Royal started using Field Nation to offset the developmental cost in providing real-time data and solutions to their clients. One significant achievement has been the ability to capture real-time check-in data and deliverables, which enables them to provide timely updates to end-clients.
Field Nation helped provide the deliverables needed for our clients real-time and gave us the visibility of the technicians working on-site.
Due to the easy access to real-time data, Royal is able to accomplish multiple rollout projects for their clients.
Field Nation’s solutions were instrumental in delivering high-velocity rollout projects for our clients – with 72 hours notice, we were able to decommission 200 stores in 5 calendar days using the Field Nation platform.

Finding a partner with Field Nation

When asked why they continue to use Field Nation, Brad responded “We’ve had an incredible experience working with the Field Nation team over the years. We’re working with them all the time, they take our problem as theirs, and we work together as a team to solve and provide the end solution for our clients.”
In the end, one of the biggest changes Royal has seen in working with Field Nation is the ability to have additional tools and people by accessing the marketplace to supplement their existing networks. Royal Services is excited to see what the future holds in continuing their relationship with Field Nation.