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5 considerations when choosing an IT service procurement partner

March 21, 2019


Choosing a procurement partner is an important business decision that can affect every aspect of your company’s success. Here are the top 5 things leaders should consider as they evaluate an IT service procurement partner for long-term growth.

What is an IT Service Procurement Partner?

Service procurement is a powerful way for your company to use contingent labor to scale your business, access work sites in remote locations, and fill gaps in your full-time employment roster. An IT service procurement partner helps you find quality technicians who can work on-demand and on-location to fill any gaps you may have and grow your business beyond its current footprint.

What to Look For in a Procurement Partner


Making sure your business has technician coverage anywhere, anytime is one of the key functions of success. One way businesses can stand out is by offering new services and saying yes to client projects. Working with on-demand contractors means you don’t have to turn away business just because you don’t have the capacity, time, or someone in that location to fulfill the order.

To evaluate your service procurement partner look at things like areas they serve, how many technicians they have in the areas you work in most, and how scalable they can be in areas where you want to grow.


No matter what the job, you want to make sure the technicians you choose are the best of the best. That’s why it’s important to examine what metrics, programs, and quality performance standards your service procurement partner uses.

  • How they evaluate the IT professionals they work with
  • Is there real-time feedback from others who worked with the technicians (this is worded bad)
  • Removal process for removing underperforming technicians
  • Dispute resolution and claims

These are all things that should be readily apparent to you before signing on with them so you know how your business can ensure quality work, every time.

Cost of an IT service procurement partner

Cost is always a factor in a business decision, and choosing a service procurement method is no different. How do the quality and coverage of service measure up to the cost? Do you have different pricing options for different types of jobs? Make a list of the most important cost factors and take time to evaluate each contender against your ideal situations.

Also, consider the implementation time or cost associated with transitioning your business with this partner.


When you choose an IT service procurement partner, it’s important to think about your immediate needs as well as your potential needs in the coming years. How does your company plan to grow and evolve into different markets, locations, and work types? Once you are clear on your five – or even ten – year goals, cross-reference those goals with the potential to scale with the partners you’re evaluating. Do they already have the coverage you can utilize in different locations? Do they plan to add different types of work to their roster? Asking these questions in advance can save plenty of time and money down the line.


The final consideration for any partner should be the amount of visibility and transparency each partner offers. How much control do you have over the technician selection, and how much do you need to have? How much contact do you need to have while your contractors are on-site? These are important questions to ask before making a commitment to any service procurement service.

Once you’ve fully evaluated your service procurement needs based on these factors, make sure you take time to select the right partner for your company’s long-term growth. The right decision can make your life much easier but choosing a partner that hinders your scalability potential can be costly later on.

Still have questions about service procurement for your business? Don’t hesitate to reach out today!



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