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Booming demand, scarce talent: Navigating the skilled cabling labor crisis

By Wael Mohammed, EVP of Strategy, Field Nation

August 3, 2023


Despite concerns about inflation and recession, the demand for infrastructure cabling in field services continues to surge, driven by the proliferation of devices and the increasing need for bandwidth.


However, the industry is grappling with a significant shortage of skilled cabling technicians, threatening its growth potential. Gain the insights you need to overcome the talent shortage and meet record demand.


  • Discover the key market dynamics that fuel strong demand for cabling services, and find out which areas experience the highest demand.
  • Uncover the latest statistics on the talent shortage and understand its impact on the industry’s growth.
  • Learn how independent contractors have emerged as a game-changing solution, offering a flexible and highly skilled workforce.

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Wael Mohammed

Wael Mohammed has been in the technology industry for three decades. He has held leadership roles in startups and large enterprises, including SPS Commerce, IBM, and Target. Wael is currently the Executive Vice President of Product Management & Strategy at Field Nation, and oversees strategy, product management, product design, and data science. He is a master in identifying product and market growth opportunities, taking new products to market, and maximizing product performance.


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Overcome the cabling talent shortage and meet record demand