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Field Insider: 3 Key Benefits of Integration

June 23, 2023


If you’re constantly switching between systems to manage your field service work, our integrations can streamline your operations. 

Although Field Nation platform features (such as custom fields and tags) allow you to take an initial step toward aligning your systems, integrations provide a complete experience by syncing your internal tools automatically with Field Nation. 


What are the benefits of integrating Field Nation with an FSM?

Our integrations enable you to sync data and workflows between Field Nation and your field service management solution. Complete essential tasks directly within your field service management system, while minimizing data entry and errors.


Eliminate swivel chair

Integrating Field Nation with your internal systems reduces the need to manually input or copy data between systems. Our integrations save time and resources, and reduce the risk of human error.

According to Pivital, a Field Nation customer benefiting from integration, eliminating swivel chair processes has significantly improved their workflow.

“Before using the Field Nation-Salesforce integration, our team had to ‘swivel’ between platforms. This meant double the work and was definitely not optimal. The integration has saved time and allowed us to provide clients with real-time updates on project status, which is critical for our business.”


Maintain one source of truth

Establish a single repository for all your work order data, eliminating issues with fragmented information across multiple systems. With a single source of truth, you can ensure consistency and accuracy in tracking job progress, access relevant documentation, and make informed decisions.


Improve work order visibility

Gain immediate visibility into the current state of your work orders, from creation to completion. Quickly respond to any potential issues or changes during the project lifecycle. Integration also enables you to share real-time updates with your clients, employees, and technicians.


What are the options for integration?

Field Nation offers two integration options to suit your needs and preferences:

No matter what integration option you choose, our dedicated integration team provides guidance and support every step of the way.


Want to learn more about integrations?

Partnering with Field Nation doesn’t mean adding more layers to your tech stack or reinventing your processes. Our integrations allow you to keep all your existing systems and workflows in place while seamlessly integrating with our marketplace.


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