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Stop making your employees drive 100 miles for a work order

December 3, 2018


A PSA to all managed service providers: making your technicians drive more than 100 miles to complete a single work order is not smart. It hurts your business. Once you factor in your employee’s hourly rate and the cost of gas and vehicle maintenance- you’re probably losing money. Not to mention your employees probably doesn’t love spending half of their day in a van. There’s a better way. A fast, inexpensive, simple way.

Field Nation ONE

Keep all of your employees. If you currently have contract workers, keep them too. Access a new pool of thousands of qualified technicians across the U.S. Dispatch work to all of them from one platform.

No more spreadsheets. No more angry emails from clients complaining that “95% completion is not good enough” or “what do you mean you don’t have someone in Kimball, WV?”. If you’ve been using Craigslist or other job boards to find workers in remote areas, you can scrap that, too.

How Does it Work?

Upload a work order, or a dozen, or a thousand. Then, use our automated tiered auto-dispatch tool.

tiered auto dispatch screenshot

You can send the work orders to your employees first, for three hours, for example. Then, make the work orders available to your non-employee talent or private vendors. If you have work orders that still aren’t filled, you can publish them to the Field Nation marketplace. There, thousands of field service technicians are able to request your work orders. You can also hand-select them. Since there are more than 100,000 registered service providers on Field Nation, chances are you’ll find a service provider located much closer to a job site than your existing W2s. This means that no one has to drive 100 miles for a single work order- it’s a win/win.

A Win/Win/Win/Win

You’ll save a ton of money by not sending your employees on a half-day road-trip to the middle of nowhere. Your clients will achieve 100% completion on a national rollout and much faster response times for maintenance requests. Your employees will breathe a sigh of relief when you tell them they don’t have to drive to Nowhere, Oklahoma all the way from Bushyhead. Your boss will be thrilled with you. 


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