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Streamline your blended workforce with Field Nation ONE

May 16, 2019


Managing a mix of full-time employees, contractors, and vendors can be time-consuming and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.

We’re introducing our new solution for blended workforce management: Field Nation ONE.

Now you can manage your entire process from start to finish and get valuable insight into your work with one tool. Here’s how Field Nation ONE can help your company grow.

Organize Workers

Gone are the days where sourcing and managing contingent labor is separate from your W-2 workforce. With Field Nation ONE, you can group different types of workers into Talent Pools based on their skills, location, and experience. Then, you can route projects to the right worker at the right time and fill coverage gaps fast with workers you trust.

This eliminates the hassle for dispatchers who need to fill work by keeping a high-level view of your workforce localized in our platform. They can create, fill, and manage each work order all in Field Nation.

Recruit Workers

Recruiting and sourcing doesn’t need to take all day anymore. With access to the Field Nation Marketplace, dispatchers can browse contractors with the right skills for the job and then build them into Talent Pools so they can call upon them in the future.

The Field Nation ONE platform provides a custom onboarding process for each worker and helps you get the right work done by the best person for the job.

Expand Coverage

If you want to expand into different markets without the hassle of risk and overhead, Field Nation’s Marketplace is the right place for you. With our platform, businesses can expand their Talent Pools and recruit workers in different markets so they can stay competitive. Increase your capabilities and dive into new markets, our Marketplace will help you find the talent you need, wherever you go.

Manage Projects

Manage, monitor, and optimize projects from beginning to end. From creation to assignment to processing payments, our single integrated system will boost productivity and decrease overhead costs by making it easier than ever to manage your workflow.

Receive Real-Time Updates

When you have workers on-site, you need to have open communication to make sure the job gets done right. Our mobile app helps you do that by providing direct contact to the technician in real-time. Your dispatchers can connect with your technician at any time to answer questions, troubleshoot, and make sure the work is done to your specifications.

Schedule W-2 Employees

Field Nation ONE allows businesses to access and sort all of their W-2 employee schedules and apply filters like background checks, location, and type of work. Then, you can create and assign work orders to your employees within the calendar. This helps you streamline the work assignment process and get more work done with more transparency.

ONE Solution Working For You

The benefit of simplifying your systems is that you can reduce inefficiencies is that you can be more agile and keep your clients informed of what’s happening in real-time.

It is very exciting to get into a single system and see our W2s and contractors at the same time,” says Jonathan Poole, CEO of F2Onsite.

“We expect Field Nation ONE to help us better communicate with our customers, and through the mobile app, we’ll be able to give real-time updates to our clients and look more professional to our customers.”

Vendors and service providers also benefit from the platform, as it provides updates and messages about available and assigned work through the mobile app. It gives them access to work on the Field Nation Marketplace and distributes automated payments weekly.

“As a leader of freelance marketplace solutions, we’re proud to introduce an innovative platform that helps companies streamline everyday tasks and decrease overhead costs,” said Mynul Khan, founder and CEO of Field Nation.

“By simplifying the process of managing a blended workforce, businesses will be able to focus on what really matters – revenue and growth.”


For more information about Field Nation ONE, visit



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