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Top systems integrator gains competitive edge with on-demand labor

April 12, 2021


Systems integrator + Field Nation at a glance


A full-service integrator, installation, and technology specialist with 50+ years of technical mastery


Finding qualified technical resources throughout the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico


  • Augmented their full-time workforce with on-demand labor to meet their clients’ needs across the country or in areas where they had limited coverage
  • Efficiently find and vet nationwide, on-demand technicians for networking, low-voltage cabling, point of Sale (POS), telecom/VOIP, and structured cabling projects


  • Partnered with Field Nation since 2012
  • Dramatically reduced the time it takes to find talent and complete work
  • Helped the company scale to $20 million in annual service revenues
  • Reduced labor costs by approximately 20% versus using subcontractors

Previously an electrical contractor, this company has made big strides to become one of the top full-service electrical contractors and system integrators. In addition, the company has earned national recognition for multi-site deployment and integration for electrical, telecommunications, and electronic safety and security projects.

Its clients include retail chains, quick-service restaurants, and financial service firms. Clients rely on its expertise in “anything wired.” This includes network refreshes, installations, access control/security cameras, low-voltage cabling, and electrical work.

According to the Vice President of Operations, “We typically help companies with a lot of locations that want to deploy the same technology across multiple sites. Our 3,000+ technicians can handle any type of configuration our clients can envision.”

Efficiently finding the right talent

The company has partnered with Field Nation since 2012 to find on-demand technicians to complement its staff of full-time employees. Prior to working with Field Nation, it used other sourcing methods, including searching for technicians on Craigslist.

“Finding the right resource in the areas that we service can be a challenge,” the VP of Ops said. “Field Nation makes it much easier to identify the right person for each job.”

It initially vets technicians through work orders created on the Field Nation platform. Each work order helps their team gather information about a technician’s capabilities.

The company’s Director of Field Services values the ability to create custom Talent Pools within the Field Nation platform. Using Talent Pools, it builds lists of preferred technicians that deliver excellent quality.

“We can easily flag our preferred technicians and even run reports on them. Talent Pools save our team time and help us ensure quality delivery for our clients,” said the Director of Field Services.

“We can easily flag our preferred technicians and even run reports on them. Talent Pools save our team time and help us ensure quality delivery for our clients.”

Furthermore, it uses the platform to research available talent prior to determining the viability of a project.

“Field Nation gives us the power to do our own research to determine whether we should go after a certain job based on the available talent in the target market,” the VP of Ops added.

Scaling for success

This systems integrator has grown its national service business to over $20 million in annual revenue. Accessing on-demand technical resources through Field Nation has been critical to its ability to scale the business.

“Field Nation allowed us to scale so much faster than if we were not utilizing your services,” the VP of Ops said. “Also, Field Nation is constantly making changes and updates to enhance the platform for both the client and the technician. So it has made our ability to vet talent and complete work so much quicker.”

“Field Nation allowed us to scale so much faster than if we were not utilizing your services.”

Additionally, Field Nation has helped the company grow while reducing labor costs. Using the work order templates in Field Nation, its team members with strong office skills can serve clients without necessarily having technical skills.

“The way that we hire has changed as we have evolved our professional services group,” the VP of Ops described. “With Field Nation, we can quickly create a work order, find a tech, dispatch a tech, and close a work order with less headcount and less cost. Further, on-demand labor typically costs 20 percent less than subcontractors.”

Building a competitive advantage

This business has built its reputation on providing rapid response and dedicated service for clients.

Most of the company’s service level agreements (SLAs) have a next business day requirement, and it anticipates some clients will require 4-hour SLAs in the future.

“Working with Field Nation’s on-demand labor is key to reaching our SLAs throughout the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico in a timely manner,” the Director of Field Services said. “We’ve found a name for ourselves with a lot of customers by finding last-minute techs. This would be an impossible task without Field Nation.”

For nearly a decade, Field Nation has been a critical part of their success.

“Our ability to handle volume at a much faster rate than other companies continues to open the door for new opportunities,” their VP of Ops concluded.

“Our ability to handle volume at a much faster rate than other companies continues to open the door for new opportunities.”

To receive the same great service, resources, cost savings, and efficiencies from Field Nation, reach out to our team.

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