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The benefits of choosing independent contracting

May 10, 2024


Nowadays, how people work and make money differs from a few years ago. Jobs are changing a lot, and many people, especially those who work in information technology (IT), are choosing to work on their own as independent contractors. A big reason for this is that there are many IT jobs, and only a few people are without work. In fact, according to CompTIA, the IT sector is experiencing employment growth and an impressively low unemployment rate of 1.8%, creating a demand for highly skilled, experienced IT contractors to support new and emerging technologies. 

This shift is not just a trend but a noteworthy movement. A recent Field Nation study revealed that 98% of IT field service technicians prefer to work as independent contractors, either exclusively or in combination with a full-time job. Aside from the clear growth opportunities in the field service industry, independent contractors enjoy a variety of additional benefits.

Why do people prefer independent contracting?

Many people enjoy independent contracting because it allows them to set their own work schedules and choose which projects they work on. In a Field Nation study on independent contractors, 36% of respondents said flexibility was a top reason for choosing contracting work, and 27% indicated autonomy and control as additional main drivers toward their decision.

Jenny Korpalski, an independent technician who uses Field Nation to find and complete work, emphasizes schedule flexibility as a key reason for doing independent contracting. “I love setting my schedule and having the freedom to work if I want to or just take days off,” she said.

Satisfaction and work-life balance

Most IT professionals who contract are pleased with their jobs. Four out of five of them say they are satisfied or very satisfied. They like being able to balance their work and personal life better. More than 70% of these workers say they have a better balance now than before. Also, when they find jobs through platforms like Field Nation, they can do different kinds of work that match what they’re good at, keeping their job interesting and making them feel good about what they do.

Entrepreneurship opportunities

Another benefit of choosing contracting is the opportunity to be your own boss and build your own personal business. Being your own boss can look like being in control of your schedule and taking on projects that help you gain desired skill sets, whether that’s communication or a specific ability such as low-voltage cabling. You can also use contract work to establish and maintain a workload for your field service company.

Longevity and growth opportunities

IT contracting is not just something people do for a little while. For many contractors, it’s what they want to do for their entire career. A study by Field Nation found that 64% of people contracting have been doing it for six years or more, showing how much they enjoy this way of working. The main reason they think about stopping is when they retire.

Opportunity growth for contract labor

Companies are also noticing the benefits of independent contracting, and many are using both full-time and contract workers to help them get work done. According to IHL Group, there’s been a significant increase in IT spending, meaning there’s a greater need for IT experts who can work flexibly. Companies that started early in hiring contract workers are seeing good results. They’ve found that hiring these workers lets them get the right IT help when needed, no matter where they are.

Independent contracting on the rise

The trend towards independent contracting is not limited to the IT sector. The broader economy is witnessing a significant increase in independent workers, increasing 89% since 2020, with 72.1 million independent workers in America, as reported by the MBO Partners’ State of Independence in America 2023 report

Experience the benefits of independent contracting with Field Nation

The rise of independent contracting in the IT field services sector is a testament to the changing dynamics of the workforce, driven by professionals’ desire for flexibility, autonomy, and work-life balance. As the demand for skilled IT professionals continues to grow, more and more field service companies turn to Field Nation to find talented technicians to help with their projects. 

Whether you’re seeking full-time or part-time independent work, the opportunities in the IT services sector are abundant and rewarding! Start your journey as an independent contractor and sign up for Field Nation today!


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