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Faces of Field Nation: Tony Buesing

March 29, 2022


Sometimes, life leads you back to a familiar place.

That’s what happened to Tony Buesing. Tony served as a Senior Account Manager at Field Nation until 2019, when he accepted a leadership position at an interactive media agency. In December of 2021, he rejoined the Field Nation team as a Product Manager focusing on Field Nation’s enterprise offering.

“I was at a point in my career where I was looking to go a different route and lean into my passion for creation and collaboration.” He says of his journey back to the company. “When I was at Field Nation the first time around, I saw up close how interesting the product side of things was. Taking something from an idea, proving it out, getting feedback, building a plan before you launch––that really excited me.”

He researched the fundamentals of product management and took courses on the subject. He sought the advice of a former Field Nation colleague, EVP of Strategy Wael Mohammed, who reaffirmed that Tony’s background in handling accounts would make him a strong candidate when the right product management opportunity came along.

As luck would have it, that opportunity soon arose within Field Nation.

Upon rejoining the team, Tony immediately felt at home in his new role.

“It felt great to come back and help clients in a new way––as a creator.”

Specifically, there was a sense of relief in being able to explore this new domain in a familiar and supportive environment.

“I’m glad I was able to make the switch into product management in a place like Field Nation.” He says. “Field Nation has a great collaborative environment where you can present an idea to any colleague or executive and they’ll say, ‘Okay, prepare the next steps, prepare your plan, let’s vet this out.’ That’s really cool.”

This impression of Field Nation’s culture stayed with Tony even during his time away from the company.

“During the pandemic, every company had to adjust, and some companies did it better than others. Keeping in touch with people at Field Nation, it was good to see that the company didn’t lose its openness or curiosity.”

Though his responsibilities have changed, many of Tony’s favorite aspects of life at Field Nation have stayed the same. For example, the weekly “Cheers” meeting, where employees can give shoutouts to their coworkers, remains a bright spot in his schedule.

“Cheers adapted really well to a virtual context. It’s great to see how close the Bangladesh and Minneapolis teams are, despite being thousands of miles apart.”

Thinking back to his decision to return to the Field Nation, Tony remembers looking forward to what’s next.

“I knew how growth-driven Field Nation is and how well their culture pairs with the company’s ambition. I felt it was a great opportunity to expand into a new area.”

In his spare time, Tony enjoys barbecue, bourbon, and spending time with his wife and kids.

“There are acting and dancing and piano and swimming lessons to get to. It keeps me busy.”

The family has also developed their interest in skiing over the past few years, which the kids are enthusiastic about. Much like their father, they aren’t afraid of trying new things.


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