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Trusting Contingent Labor: Meet VCPI

October 4, 2018



VCPI operates in long-term care facilities to ensure that critical IT systems and services are up and running. From switching routers to deploying new equipment and everything in between, VCPI covers medical facilities end-to-end with the help of onsite technicians.

Before Field Nation

In the past, VCPI had roughly 20 technicians across the US that they sent to different locations. “It worked really well when we were mainly on the east coast, but as we started to grow, the cost and time of travel and airfare was too expensive for our customers,” reflects Angie Williams of VCPI.

VCPI eventually realized the travel time and expense associated with sending W2s onsite for a few hours outweighed the benefit. “Our issue is that we take care of elderly patients. If a client’s computer is down, the [client] facilities need it up and running fast because people rely on it. Timing can be everything in this industry,” says Angie.

Meeting customer needs is a major consideration for any industry. “We realized the travel costs and delayed response times were not meeting our customer’s needs. We needed a more efficient way to get people on site.”

Trusting Contract Technicians

Angie needed to find a way to deliver onsite technicians in a timely, cost-effective manner. That’s when she found Field Nation. “I wasn’t sold on it at first, we need to trust our technicians because we are essentially sending them to our grandparents’ homes,” reflects Angie. “I tried Field Nation to see what it was all about. The rest of the team took some convincing at first, but after the first few work orders I was sold.”

Internally, people were hesitant about using technicians they hadn’t personally met. “At first it was hard to get the internal team onboard,” says Angie. To overcome internal barriers and get the team on board Angie created a system to vet technicians before routing a work order. “Field Nation gives you a lot of resources to be successful. I look at technician ratings and reviews and call the technician directly to make sure they are a fit.”


VCPI reduced its response time significantly. “Today we can get people onsite in twenty-four hours or less. And our travel costs are virtually none,” says Angie.

As for finding the right people to send into elderly care facilities, VCPI uses Talent Pools to save technicians they’ve worked with before. “We now have multiple Talent Pools filled with excellent, trustworthy technicians across North America.”

VCPI also uses Field Nation to manage their projects. “Everyday I look at Field Nation to see where the technicians are for the day, which technicians are onsite, checked in or are delayed,” says Angie. VCPI uses tools in Field Nation like the Executive Dashboard, to determine the profitability and efficiency of its projects. “At the end of the month, I can pull a report to see what we spent and where we did the most work.”

Where They’re Going

Reflecting on their history, Angie states “I can’t think of anything we don’t use on Field Nation. I’m on there all day watching updates and making sure our customers’ expectations are met.”

In the end, VCPI uses Field Nation to deliver amazing results to their clients. “For us, it’s about our patients. We can’t have a device down, and Field Nation allows us to respond within an hour if there is an issue. In our business, timeliness is everything- and Field Nation is always on top of it.”

About Field Nation

Field Nation connects businesses with service providers and partners with them to complete projects. Field Nation combines marketplace coverage with project management tools to deliver on-site expertise anytime, anywhere. Whether companies of 1 or 1,000 need to manage internal staff projects, contingent workforce tasks, or source local service providers for immediate needs, Field Nation is the number one choice to get work done.

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