Quality and Visibility Through Ratings

Ratings of Providers

Providers assigned to work can be rated on the following items:

  • Overall satisfaction on a scale of 1-5 stars
  • Was the provider on time for the job?
  • Did the provider follow instructions?
  • Were all necessary deliverables accurately delivered?

We then display this information in a rating snapshot on the provider profile. The star-based ratings are averaged. The other yes/no items are shown as a percentages. We also capture the percentage of assignments that were fulfilled, meaning the provider saw the assignment through completion and did not cancel on the buyer. This information can be shown for “all time” ratings, last 180 days, or last 90 days.


Ratings of Buyers

Buyers can be rated by the providers who performed their jobs once the work is marked as completed and up to seven days after final approval. Providers are able to rate buyers on the following items:

  • Overall satisfaction as a 1-5 star rating.
  • Were the expectations of the job clearly defined by the buyer?
  • Was the buyer professional?

The above information is displayed in a company snapshot. The satisfaction star ratings are averaged together. The clear expectations and professionalism feedback is shown as a percentage. Additionally, there is a time to approval graph. This shows what percent of the buyer’s work takes less than 3, 5, 7, 14, and 28 days to go from being marked completed by the provider to being approved by the buyer.


When Are Ratings Displayed?

Ratings only displayed and factored into snapshot averages seven days after the work is approved. Once this happens, changes to ratings are restricted so that they can not be downgraded.