360° Technical Services

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Revenue Upside & Business Control With Field Nation

“We were able to develop a new business segment and revenue stream by incorporating our field services team into our overarching model.”


360° Technical Services is a field services company that provides corporations with rapid service delivery for their business communications systems. Specializing in telephone, data, internet, and IT services, the business is a subsidiary of a leading IT and communications management company. 360° Technical Services conducts comprehensive site surveys, MPLS installations, networking, break-fix and repair work for a clientele base that includes nationally distributed restaurant chains Arby’s and Chuy’s restaurants.


360° Technical Services had been utilizing a variety of third-party technology solutions providers to build, manage, and optimize their projects. By doing so, they did not have direct access to the field service technicians who would execute their work on-site, which caused communication and efficiency issues. “The service and technicians were fine, but because we didn’t have access to the workers directly, the risk of having things lost in translation was increased,” said Jason Wallace, Wireline Services Manager. “This also meant that we were paying a straight staffing expense and were unable to recover revenue on field service work orders.” 360° Technical Services also found that these technology systems did not offer an effective method for managing client SLAs or providing adequate insight into their projects and workflow.


To gain better control of their business process and the technicians who execute their work, 360° Technical Services turned to Field Nation. Field Nation’s direct-to-tech business model and marketplace of over 100,000 technicians allowed 360° Technical Services to directly find, engage, and manage the people who were delivering solutions to their clients. The nationwide coverage offered by Field Nation also enabled 360° Technical Services to easily meet the demands set forth by their clients, which operate across distributed locations.


Field Nation’s direct-to-tech accessibility and powerful project and work management software gave 360° Technical Services the control and insight needed to transfer their subsidiary into a revenue-generating business unit that contributed a quarter of a million in revenue last year and is on target to contribute a half million in revenue this year. In a quarter-over-quarter comparison, 360° Technical Services increased their service revenue by 216% in 2016, versus 2015, and is now generating an average of $41,000 per month.