How to Streamline Operations by Consolidating Your Vendors

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Cutting out unnecessary steps and streamlining your workflow can save you time and money. If you’re using multiple staffing companies and service vendors to manage your on-site contingent labor, you could be slowing down your ability to scale efficiently. Here are 4 things to consider when consolidating multiple vendors down to a single staffing platform and how one of our clients found success in the process.

Why You Should Streamline Field Service Vendors

Having a long list of vendor firms not only makes your process more confusing, but it keeps you from having a clear picture of your field service operations. For example, our long-time user BullsEye Telecom consolidated from 13 vendors down to just one after discovering Field Nation’s powerful analytics tools.

“We originally used tons of vendors and had to reconcile. Now, we can get reporting out of Field Nation so we can understand our cost,” says Jim Bain, BullsEye’s National Field Operations Manager.

In our recent BullsEye case study, we found that consolidation helped them gain real-time transparency with all their on-site work.

“In today’s world of high-speed internet where things change pretty quickly, it benefits us to have interaction with the techs who are going to the site in advance,” Bain says.

Within the Field Nation platform, companies gain real-time insight into what’s happening on a work order. They can view photos, negotiate, and work directly with technicians to solve issues if they arise rather than communicating through a third party. This visibility gives companies more control over their on-site work while building relationships with a roster of trusted technicians they can count on to provide quality service.

Reducing Capital Investment

Cutting down on a lengthy list of vendors streamlines the process of selecting which technicians you’ll send on a job. but It also helps reduce the amount of capital you need by cutting out unnecessary overhead.

“Using Field Nation, we’ve reduced our capital that we’d be spending working with these master service companies. And, we improved quality and timeliness for our clients at the same time,” Bain says.

Using a single service source like Field Nation gives transparency into the actual cost of each work order, as well as the efficiency of the technician on each job. In addition, using a platform like Field Nation helps you see the market rates for any given work type.

If you want a better idea of how much you could save by consolidating vendors, use our free calculator that provides insight into how much your business could save on contingent labor.

Consolidating Vendors Save Time

Nothing improves costs like reducing time-spent. Having your vendors spread out across several companies costs you time because it’s inefficient. Having to juggle names, vendors, and technicians make it more confusing for your employees and you! A single platform or vendor allows you to be agile and informed about the work you’re doing. It also helps you find the right technicians faster and create lists of trusted technicians that you can count on (we call them Talent Pools.)

“The profiles help us find technicians, then the Talent Pools we use help us bundle skill sets,” Bain says. “Then we do a vetting process before anyone goes out to the site. We do this to get a better feel for the work they do and their experience.”

Not only will you feel more confident with who you’re sending on-site, but your dispatchers will have an easier time managing the work from one solution.

Fewer Vendors Increases Transparency

Knowing exactly what is going on with your field service operations is crucial to successful performance. With most vendor companies, you have little control over who is sent on-site and little visibility into what’s happening with that technician when they get there. When you scale back to a single service acquisition platform, you have more clarity into who is going out in the field for you. With Field Nation, you have a direct line to the technician from start to finish so you can communicate with them efficiently and effectively. This helps your business increase quality while also reducing inefficiencies so you can make the best decisions for your on-site workforce.