Think You Need to Hire a Full-Time Staff to Start a Service Company?

2 min read

From drafting a business plan to choosing accounting software, starting a service company involves a host of important decisions. Luckily, there’s one thing you don’t need to worry about: staffing.

With platforms like Field Nation, you can find qualified, on-site, on-demand service providers to meet your needs. Here are a few of the reasons savvy service companies are leveraging contract labor:

Cost-Effective Hiring

When you’re just starting out you need a way to control costs. Using contractors reduces many of the costs associated with payroll, benefits, onboarding, office space, tools, vehicles and more. You can even select contractors with the tools required for each unique job to reduce spending.

Uniquely Skilled Workers

Service providers often choose to do contract work so they can spend time developing specific skills. Search for service providers who are highly skilled in niche areas or have specific certifications. Some of the most common certifications for service providers include Cisco, CompTIA, Dell, HP, Avaya, and Mitel.

Work On Demand

Contractors give your company the flexibility to scale with changing demand. When you secure that huge contract, quickly find contractors in every location and type of work you need. Need to take a month off in the summer? No problem, simply don’t use contractors and there’s no payroll to worry about.

Efficient and Quality Jobs

Contract workers are unique because they have to earn each new job they receive, motivating them to provide quality service in a timely manner. On average, companies who use the contingent workforce have a first-time fix rate of 77.5%, and best in class users experience a 96% first-time fix rate.

The Power to Go Global

Let your business cross borders without leaving your hometown. With more than 100,000 field technicians across North America, you can take that contract in Wasilla, Alaska or Key West, Florida. Field Nation even has service providers in Canada and Mexico. Donald Reblitz of Signature Technology Group attested, “Field Nation has allowed us to scale across the rest of the country… we go to market saying we support every zip code in the country.” If you don’t believe us, you can check our coverage.

Platforms like Field Nation connect businesses with service providers to accomplish great work. The Field Nation platform was built with service companies in mind, allowing users to quickly select the most qualified service providers for each job. With required insurance and a large number of filtering options, Field Nation has thought of everything you might need to select the best contractors for your business. Starting a service company is challenging, but staffing your small business doesn’t have to be. Sign up for Field Nation today.