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  • Over 100,000 Technicians
  • Over 150 US Cities
  • Over 2,000 work orders daily
  • Online marketplace active 24/7/365
  • Real-time pricing insights
  • On-demand recruitment
  • Gain Actionable Reporting

    Field Nation offers deep platform analytics to track, optimize, and report on every step of your project.

  • Reduce Your Overhead

    Balance out the peaks and valleys of demand with Field Nation’s online marketplace and FMS platforms, and increase your ability to save thousands of dollars from overhead cost reduction.

  • Simplify Project Management

    Increase visibility, accountability, and control for your business at every step of the way by integrating Field Nation with your existing systems and processes

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

"If we sell 50% more than last year, we have a way to deliver that to our clients without having to scale up ourselves internally because we have the resources on Field Nation."

John Fecteau, CEO

"Field Nation's procurement team adds significant value by sourcing the best talent out there. Field Nation is a gem."

Mike Nigai, CEO

"We are saving money, and our employees love the ease of use. Thanks to field nation our field services cost dropped in one year by 35%."

Ed Arnold, Director of Field Services