Field Nation Plus

Manage work more efficiently

Simplify and streamline

Efficiency is the name of the game when you leverage on-demand labor. Field Nation Plus allows you to elevate your process from highly manual to one that’s fast, efficient, and repeatable. With enhanced tools and self-serve training, Field Nation Plus helps small businesses level up their on-demand labor strategy.


Meet Field Nation Plus

Enhanced vetting tools, work tools, and reporting make Field Nation Plus an optimal solution for small businesses looking to develop their on-demand labor strategy. In addition to providing access to the Field Nation marketplace, Field Nation Plus offers three feature sets that boost efficiency:


Enhanced vetting tools

Upgraded workflow

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Field service activities are notoriously difficult to track and even harder to analyze.

With Pricing Insights and Work Order Activity Reports, you can compare your rates against market rates and track your company’s spend, quality outcomes, timeliness, and efficiency.

Enhanced vetting tools

Marketplace-wide endorsements display how companies like yours rate technicians on soft skills including:





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If you like these features, you'll love Field Nation Premier

Plus workflow options help you work smarter, not harder

Advanced work management

Tools for dispatching at scale, such as mass create/update, custom fields, projects, templates, multi-site, and more.

Selection rules

Customizable rules that rank the technicians requesting your work based on key requirements.

Basic auto-dispatch

Configurable rules engine that automates the dispatch process to save time searching for and vetting techs.

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