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Field Insider: Build your trusted network

April 8, 2022


By Amy Anderson, Senior Customer Success Program Specialist

Welcome to our first Field Insider article! In this series, we’ll provide practical advice for service organizations on how to get the most value from working with Field Nation.

Let’s get started with some tips on creating a network of trusted technicians. These strategies will save time by eliminating the need to vet new providers for each new work order. Plus, you’ll have a pool of go-to technicians for quick-turn work.

Get reliable access to performance-verified talent

Finding the best technicians for your projects does take time, but here are some ways to streamline the process. 

Start by viewing technician ratings and endorsements from companies similar to yours. This gives you a great starting point to decide which technicians you’d like to work with.

With Talent Pools, you can route work to a group of qualified technicians you trust. Build Talent Pools of your favorite technicians based on skills, location, type of work, or other criteria. 

Smart Talent Pools, available in Field Nation Premier, go a step further. Create your criteria, and the platform manages Talent Pools on your behalf. Once you set the requirements, you’ll receive automatic updates when a provider no longer meets them. 

These features have produced constructive results among Field Nation clients. A leading system integrator outlined how Field Nation helped streamline the vetting process. The company’s director of field services said, “We can easily flag our preferred technicians and even run reports on them. Talent Pools save our team time and help us ensure quality delivery for our clients.” 

Enhance your vetting process with Provider Assessments

Using Provider Assessments, you can add questions to work orders to ensure technicians have the right experience. This feature helps screen technicians before you call them or assign them to a project. 

For example, we work with an IT service business that uses Provider Assessments to confirm technicians have the technical knowledge and proper equipment for a specific job. They also use the feature to ensure technicians have read important details in the work order. Finally, Provider Assessments help technicians set themselves apart by demonstrating knowledge of the skills, tools, or work.

Provider Assessments are also part of the Field Nation Premier package.

Gain coverage insights with MarketSmart Insights

Proactively identify and fill coverage gaps with MarketSmart Insights. This feature allows Premier users to quickly find geographies with low coverage and provides a roster of technicians that can fill in the gaps.

A telecommunications service provider used MarketSmart Insights to identify locations with poor coverage. At first, they compared their site list with technicians in their Talent Pools. Approximately 25 percent of the sites had less-than-ideal coverage. But after identifying providers they worked with in the past that weren’t yet in Talent Pools, they found more technicians to satisfy the project’s requirements.

Visit our Resource Center if you’d like more information about using these features to build a trusted network of technicians.

Amy Anderson has held leadership roles in training and customer service for nearly 10 years. As a senior customer success program specialist, she leads training, onboarding and adoption programs in which she helps over 11,000 Field Nation clients achieve maximum value from the Field Nation platform.


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