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Find Field Technicians & Manage Work

February 7, 2018


Finding the right field service technician is challenging, especially if you’re still using LinkedIn or Craigslist to find contract workers. Using a dedicated Field Service Marketplace like Field Nation, however, makes the entire process much quicker.

1. A New Way to Find Field Technicians

Online marketplaces provide access to thousands of qualified workers at the touch of a button. When you have work ready, search the marketplace for technicians that meet your needs. With Field Nation, you can search and filter technicians based on skillset, location, and rating. Behind the scenes, Field Nation uses real data to rank field technicians who are the best qualified for each work order. No more sifting through emails from Craigslist or pages of field service technicians.

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2. Ensure Quality

Finding quality technicians is a whole different playing field. When searching for technicians on craigslist or LinkedIn it can be very difficult to validate credentials. Using an online marketplace like Field Nation enables you to vet technicians before they are onsite. Technicians have star ratings and real testimonials based on previous work done on the platform. Field Nation even uses an anonymous rating system, allowing businesses and service providers to rate one another. You can even filter technicians based on their credentials, including their quality score, the number of work orders completed, and even whether they have a background check or drug test.

3. Get Work Done

Onboarding and training can be significant barriers to getting field service technicians on the ground. The majority of Field Nation users find and dispatch technicians within fifteen minutes – drastically decreasing time to arrive on-site. And with Field Nation, dispatchers get real-time updates from technicians via Field Nation’s mobile apps. Watch for status updates, photo uploads from onsite and updates marking items complete. Always stay in the know and ensure the work is complete.

That’s it. You no longer have to wait for field technicians to respond to your LinkedIn messages, worry about coordinating schedules, or worry about creating contracts. With Field Nation, finding field service technicians is as easy as 1, 2, 3.


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