New Matching Algorithm to Pair Work Orders with Talent

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The New Matching Algorithm

Field Nation has launched the first and only matching algorithm that recommends top field service contractors to clients. By leveraging a decade’s worth of data, Field Nation helps clients mitigate risk and gain quick access to quality talent.

Based on 10 years of client and provider data, the matching algorithm uses vast data sets to identify the best service provider based on past performance, client ratings, proximity and a client’s job requirements to ensure work is done on-time, on-budget and to the client’s satisfaction.

By applying machine learning techniques to this data, Field Nation’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms identify a predictive quality score for each service provider. This score represents the service provider’s value for each work order submitted – the higher the score, the higher the quality of the contractor. The matching algorithm will then suggest service providers whose scores reach or exceed the client’s requirements.

The Field Nation Advantage

“We are excited to provide our clients with this targeted approach that will help match clients’ mandatory work requirements, increase overall job performance and decrease any potential issues,” said Mynul Khan, founder and CEO of Field Nation. “Only Field Nation can do this because we have the depth of a decade’s worth of data that enables us to build these predictive models. And our platform continually improves as it accumulates more client and provider data.”

The matching algorithm initiative is led by Alex Smith. Smith received his PhD in physics in 1995. Before a career change to data science, he spent almost two decades as a researcher in the field of experimental high-energy physics, building experiments to study the fundamental building blocks of the universe. Since then, his passion has led him to apply his knowledge of physics to AI and developing disruptive products through experimentation.

“Quality will win over quantity when seeking contract service workers,” said Alex Smith, data scientist at Field Nation.

“With our focus on quality using the matching algorithm we are targeting three key areas for our clients: Speed of access to talent, the quality of talent, and a fair price to reach that talent.”- Alex Smith

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