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Worldlink meets retail customer needs at scale with Field Nation Service Partner Program

March 10, 2022


Worldlink Integration Group + Field Nation at a glance


A national provider of technology deployment services with expertise in the retail, restaurant, and grocery sectors.


Continue to deliver exceptional service to clients while efficiently deploying qualified field service technicians nationwide in today’s challenging landscape.


Field Nation Premier, which includes

  • Access to Field Nation’s Service Partner Program: Work order management and dispatch support
  • PeopleSmart Talent Management: People, processes, and advanced technologies to help source and manage contingent labor at scale
  • WorkSmart Productivity Suite: Innovative platform tools that enable more streamlined work management and delivery
  • MarketSmart™ Insights: The only tool of its kind that provides on-demand, market-wide pricing, and coverage data
  • Priority access: 24/7/365 access to the support team


  • Increased capacity with 78% annual growth in work order volume
  • Reduced full-time headcount by 40% while gaining access to dispatch services that improved capacity
  • Reduced labor costs by approximately 15%
  • Reduced time spent on project coordination by over 80%

For more than 20 years, Worldlink Integration Group has delivered IT deployment services for retailers throughout North America. Worldlink works closely with retail leaders to open new stores, upgrade systems, and maintain in-store technology. Since its founding, Worldlink has serviced over 40,000 retail locations, upgraded 30,000 pieces of hardware, and facilitated 6,000 store openings.

A partnership that fuels growth

John Fecteau, founder and CEO, has worked with Field Nation since 2009, both as a client/partner and as a contributor to our continuing product development. Worldlink was an early-stage adopter of Field Nation.

“At first, we partnered with Field Nation to gain access to qualified technicians,” Fecteau said. “Our relationship has evolved since then. Today we really focus on efficiency: finding and deploying quality technicians faster, more easily, and more profitably, while delivering services at a fair market price to our clients.”

Worldlink’s consistent client-first attitude sets it apart. The company’s approach has resulted in ​​a 95+% customer satisfaction rate and a 99.7% first-time operational success rate.

“Our product is feet on the street,” Fecteau said. “Ultimately, what distinguishes us is how we manage those feet on the street. Field Nation helps us effectively communicate with and manage technicians. That’s why we run all of our work orders through the Field Nation platform, whether we use contractors or marketplace technicians.”

Worldlink has worked with Field Nation through many business cycles, including recessions and the COVID-19 pandemic. At the end of 2021, Field Nation helped Worldlink manage a dramatic uptick in retail projects. During this time, Worldlink increased work order volume by 78 percent.

At the end of 2021, Field Nation helped Worldlink manage a dramatic uptick in retail projects. During this time, Worldlink increased work order volume by 78 percent.

According to Fecteau, Field Nation has been instrumental in Worldlink’s recent growth. Field Nation has “not necessarily created the fire, but added fuel to the fire,” he said.

Doing more with less

Coming out of the pandemic, Worldlink wanted to meet customer needs without adding headcount. To add scale to the business, the company decided to leverage Field Nation’s Service Partner Program.

Field Nation’s Service Partner Program utilizes service partners to aid in technician vetting, work order management, and dispatch management on Worldlink’s behalf. Working with a partner has helped Worldlink ramp new clients more quickly, reduce errors, and focus on more value-added work.

“Our partner is very focused on quality control and transactional activities,” Fecteau said. “This allows our internal employees to focus on client outcomes and more strategic tasks.”

What’s more, the quality of the partner’s staff is excellent. Fecteau stated that he has “no qualms about engaging them with any clients.”

Fecteau stated that he has “no qualms about engaging them with any clients.”

Like many companies, Worldlink ran with a lean staff during the pandemic. Today, the company continues to “do more with less” because of the tools of Field Nation and the partner network.

Worldlink is currently deploying a 1,000-location rollout for a retail client. Fecteau reported that they have reduced the time spent on project coordination by over 80 percent by leveraging the Service Partner Program through Field Nation.

Worldlink reduced the time spent on project coordination by over 80%

“As Worldlink continues to build on our trajectory with clients, I see us integrating even more with Field Nation tools and resources. As we grow, we don’t have to flip a switch and hire 10 people. Instead, we can leverage the capabilities of our partners.” Fecteau concluded.

To receive the same great service and efficiencies from Field Nation, reach out to our team.

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