Blended Workforce Management

Manage your entire workforce in one place. Post work, manage projects, and assign talent from one dashboard.

All Workers in One Place

Manage your private vendors, W2 employees, and independent contractors in one platform. Route work to your private network first, then search the Marketplace to fill coverage gaps. Managing all talent in one place helps:

  • increase efficiency
  • optimize workflow
  • boost  internal communication
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Improve Internal Processes

By managing all work in one platform, clients can optimize their internal processes. View all work at once, and catch at-risk work quickly. Robust reporting features reveal areas for growth and cost savings.

Organize Workers

Group workers into talent pools based on skill, location, or experience. Create talent pools of vendors, employees, and contractors to quickly route work to.

Manage Projects

Create projects, assign workers, make payments, and analyze results. Integrate with internal systems to increase efficiency.

Recruit Workers

Leverage Field Nation’s powerful recruitment engine to expand your current talent pools.

Compete with Confidence

Field Nation ONE is the only place for clients with onsite, on-demand service work to organize all talent types in one platform. By being able to view everything at once, internal stakeholders can make informed decisions quickly, and proactively pursue new opportunities.

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