Field Nation: The marketplace you can trust

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Field Nation ensures only the best people use our marketplace. A dedicated team of customer service and support specialists provide round-the-clock support for clients and service providers alike.

The purpose of marketplace quality.

Field Nation is only successful when our users are successful. So, having quality, reliable service providers is at the forefront of our model. We have two dedicated teams: one focused on ensuring clients are successful and another to provide service providers the help they need while resolving disputes.  

Part of ensuring quality standards are met is to make sure any “non-technical” issues on the platform are resolved in a fair, timely manner. One team member, Erica. states, “We try to make sure everyone can do really good work. The purpose of our job is to act as a neutral third-party for buyers and service providers.”

Candy S. “I enjoy helping people succeed by teaching them to be self-sufficient.”

Meanwhile, the client-focused success team helps clients create clear and concise work orders that better communicate with service providers. By having clear written instructions, service providers are more successful onsite effectively increasing job performance and SLAs.

In sum, our teams ensure quality standards are met to provide a healthy, happy marketplace of excellent talent.


Making the tough decisions

Dedicated teams also ensure the enforcement of our PQAP policy. Under the Provider Quality Assurance Program (PQAP) service providers are held accountable for various quality events. Sometimes, service providers are removed from the marketplace if multiple quality events take place.

The purpose of PQAP is to ensure only the best service providers are on Field Nation. Our commitment to maintaining a high-quality marketplace supports active service providers by continuing to bring them high quality, competitively priced work.


What sets Field Nation apart from the rest?

Field Nation offers support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for clients and service providers. All of our support staff receives ongoing training on the Field Nation platform, conflict mediation, and our policies.

93% of tickets on Field Nation are resolved in two hours or less.

How are we the best? Well, hear it straight from our customers:

As stated by Donald Reblitz of Signature Technology Group “We got more support from the people at Field Nation than I think that we did with some others.” Mike Brown, a five-star service provider, attested, “the support on Field Nation compared to other platforms out there is on a different galaxy. Clearly the best support out there today.”