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Field Nation arms field service industry with proprietary intelligence

October 27, 2022


With Millions of Work Orders and Billions of Data Points, Field Nation Uniquely Positioned to Arm Field Service Industry with Proprietary Intelligence

Unpredictability ahead for 2023, but by looking at past trends and insights, service companies can better plan for the future during volatile times.

There are few things more unsettling than uncertainty when making plans for your company’s future. Field Nation, the leading on-site talent platform for technology field service work, wants to help service companies get clarity on what lies ahead. 

Today, Field Nation announced the launch of Field Intel, a research-based intelligence practice focused on uncovering field service trends and powerful insights. By leveraging data from millions of work orders across the country, Field Nation arms service delivery leaders with the insight they need to assess their current situation and position themselves for growth – even in the midst of volatile market conditions.

“As the need for statistically sound data and insightful field service trends grows, Field Nation is uniquely positioned to help clients and prospects understand what is happening at a macro level, across work categories and locations, and how to think about it in the context of their work.” said Wael Mohammed, EVP Strategy at Field Nation. “We will continue to share what the market tells us about where service leaders should invest, why, and how those trends will impact short and long term priorities. Field Intel is a strategic endeavor designed to arm service delivery leaders with the insight they need to solve complex problems.”

Learning from past trends and insightful analysis can be extremely valuable in helping leaders plan for tomorrow. Present market conditions make it difficult (if not impossible) for field service leaders to predict the industry’s near-term future. One thing we know is that uncertainty will continue into 2023.

Field Nation analysis indicates rising material and labor costs are complicating new opportunities. Supply chain issues and chip shortages are putting large-scale projects on hold, with little indication of what a revised timeline will look like. And to cap it all off, fears of a potential recession are casting a dark cloud over the business world.

While it is tempting to look at these market conditions and believe the economy and field service industry is heading for a dark period, it doesn’t give service leaders the whole picture or direction on how they should prepare. 

“When it comes to large-scale economic disruption, the field service industry presents a few key, consistent patterns, with Field Nation data presenting a rich portrait of these patterns.” 

Mohammed says, “We live in volatile times with mixed economic signals. Leaders need to arm themselves with a deep understanding of this volatility to assemble the best path forward. Our Field Intel will help to do just that.” 

Field Intel covers both the market at large and specific trends within the space.  As the only analysis dedicated exclusively to on-site service trends, it aims to provide thoughtful intelligence and insight leaders can use to manage for today while planning for tomorrow. 

Field Intel’s latest insight, “Winning through volatility,” covers this volatility in detail, along with actions companies can take to manage volatility while still driving towards growth. Learn more at 

About Field Nation
Field Nation brings companies and technicians together to complete short-term, on-site work. Companies can build their flexible workforce in geographies across the U.S. and Canada and technicians can find work that fits their schedule and skill set. Our mission is to match every technician with the right job, and connect every service team to professionals who are invested in getting the job done right the first time. Learn more at


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