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Sendero Cloud delivers flawless service with the help of Field Nation

January 9, 2021



Sendero Cloud provides telecom, networking and cloud consulting and support services


Gain greater control over service delivery to ensure quality and consistency for clients across the U.S.


Field Nation Premier, which includes:

  • PeopleSmart Talent Management – people, processes, and advanced technologies to help source and manage contingent labor at scale
  • WorkSmart Productivity Suite – innovative platform tools that enable more streamlined work management and delivery
  • MarketSmart™ Insights – the only tool of its kind that provides on-demand, market-wide pricing and coverage data
  • Standard and custom integrations – optional add-on that enables greater efficiency across your operation


  • Positivity rating of over 90 percent
  • No technician quality infractions in over 2 years
  • Ensured consistent quality while reducing costs
  • Reduced escalations by 95 percent
  • Grew business with geographic coverage throughout the U.S.

Sendero Cloud is dedicated to helping customers maximize the business value of their technology investments. The company’s solutions include carrier services, cloud support, and network managed services, which are backed by project management solutions that keep client delivery on track. Sendoro Cloud relies on a network of skilled technicians to install, maintain, and support solutions for clients.

Prior to working with Field Nation, Sendero Cloud used technicians from third-party service companies. They also occasionally used Google Reviews to find technicians in locations where third-party service providers lacked coverage.

According to John Rutherford, Director of Client Delivery, Sendero Cloud started working with Field Nation in 2016 as a way to provide high-quality services more consistently to clients.

“Previously, we were using third-party service providers to find technicians, and we didn’t have a lot of success. The technicians we worked with often had skills and communications gaps that caused us to have to fix problems ourselves. This turned out to be very costly. We chose Field Nation because we knew we could do better,” Rutherford said.

Sendero Cloud began working with Field Nation on a 300-site rollout where they were installing network devices, cabling, and phone systems. The company needed to find skilled technicians to do the wiring, install all the devices, and make sure everything worked.

“We needed to find resources on a national scale, and we hit pay dirt when we found Field Nation. At first, Field Nation techs worked alongside those from our existing third-party service provider. Because Field Nation techs performed so well and helped us provide high-quality work for clients, we decided to make Field Nation our single source from that point forward,” Rutherford described.

“We needed to find resources on a national scale, and we hit pay dirt when we found Field Nation.”

Enhanced control over resources

Unlike third-party service companies, Field Nation allows Sendoro Cloud to have direct communication with technicians.

“With Field Nation, we have more control over our resources. We can not only find highly skilled techs, we can also manage them more easily,” Rutherford added.

Also, Sendero Cloud appreciates the flexibility to choose from thousands of technicians in the Field Nation marketplace.

“We’re in direct contact with technicians on the Field Nation platform, and if they don’t work out, we don’t use them again. It’s just that simple and we’re glad to have that choice,” Rutherford said.

Serving enterprise clients nationwide with hundreds of thousands of quality techs

Many of Sendero’s clients are large, enterprise businesses that need service across the U.S.

“The big value with Field Nation is that we can reach places on a national level. We can access hundreds of thousands of techs, even when a client needs service in a small town. That’s just something most folks can’t do.”

“We can access hundreds of thousands of techs, even when a client needs service in a small town.”

The Field Nation marketplace makes it easy for Sendoro Cloud to find high-quality technicians with a range of skills. According to Rutherford, the consistent level of quality across multiple geographies helps Sendero Cloud stand out in the market.

“We provide a consistent product at a fair price for our clients. That’s a huge benefit that we’ve heard over and over again. That quality and consistency is something that we’re proud to deliver,” Rutherford said.

The platform includes ratings, reviews, and other information about each technician, making it easy to find the right technician for each job. Sendoro Cloud boasts a positivity rating of more than 90 percent, thanks to the consistently high quality of technicians in the Field Nation network.

“After all the work we’ve done with Field Nation, which has been quite a bit, really hundreds and hundreds of sites, we have a positivity rating of 90%+. We paid a lot more money with previous providers, and had a lot more issues,” Rutherford said

With Field Nation, escalations have become a rarity. Sendero Cloud has reduced escalations by 95 percent since 2016.

Total professionalism, even during a pandemic

For Sendero Cloud’s clients, cost is just one of many factors that drives satisfaction.

“Most of our clients aren’t just looking at the bottom number on their invoice. They’re looking at whether they’re getting calls about issues at remote locations, or whether a tech wasn’t as professional as they expected,” Rutherford said.

According to Rutherford, even small things like wearing a mask make a big difference. The company appreciates the level of professionalism of Field Nation techs, which they say puts them at ease.

The confidence to grow

Sendoro Cloud upgraded to Field Nation Premier to help accelerate the growth they’ve seen by optimizing their labor mix.

Plus, now that they’ve integrated Field Nation with ConnectWise, their professional services automation (PSA) solution, they can achieve additional efficiencies across their business.

Overall, working with Field Nation has given Sendoro Cloud the confidence that they can satisfy any client need.

“More than anything, our salespeople are confident saying we can basically do anything at any time. That’s not something that we could say a couple of years ago. When we tell them that Field Nation brings us hundreds of thousands of feet on the street, they gain confidence. Our salespeople now have 100 percent confidence in our client delivery team,” Rutherford concluded.

“More than anything, our salespeople are confident saying we can basically do anything at any time.”

To receive the same great service, resources, and efficiencies from Field Nation, reach out to our team.

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