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A technician’s guide to physical access control system work

What is a physical access control system?

A Physical Access Control System (PACS) is a security system designed to manage and control access to physical spaces. It restricts unauthorized entry and monitors and records access activities. PACS typically includes elements like RFID card readers, biometric scanners, package management, and electronic locks.


What is an access control technician?

An access control technician is skilled in installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting physical access control systems. They ensure the security systems function correctly and meet the specific security requirements of a facility or organization.


What projects might an access control technician find on Field Nation?

On Field Nation, access control technicians can find a variety of security projects. Technicians could be tasked with installing new access control systems, upgrading existing systems, performing routine maintenance, and troubleshooting issues with current systems, including:

  • Restricted area access in a corporate office: PACS can restrict access to sensitive areas like server rooms, executive floors, or R&D labs.
  • Visitor management: Implementing systems for visitor tracking and access, ensuring security while maintaining a welcoming environment.
  • Emergency response: Facilitating lockdowns or open access in emergencies, like fires or security breaches.
  • Inventory protection: Securing back-room storage areas to prevent unauthorized access and theft of inventory.
  • Loss prevention: Integrating with surveillance systems to monitor and prevent shoplifting or internal theft.
  • Campus security: Controlling access to school buildings to enhance student and staff safety.
  • Automated access for employees: Using access cards or biometrics for employees to access secure areas quickly and efficiently.


Which access control technician skills are in demand?

Skills in demand for access control technicians include knowledge of electronic locks, card readers, biometric systems, and surveillance systems. Technical proficiency in wiring, system configuration, and troubleshooting is also crucial.


What certifications are required for access control technicians?

  • Certifications for access control technicians can vary but often include industry-specific certifications such as:
    Electronic Security Association’s Certified Alarm/Security Technician – Level I
  • Vendor-specific certifications for access control systems like Honeywell, Bosch, or Verkada


What does the future look like for physical access control installation?

The future of physical access control installation is promising, with the North American access control market growing 9.8% each year, but there’s also a significant amount of legacy access control hardware that requires maintenance and repair. Demand continues to increase for advanced security solutions, and trends include integration with Internet of Things (IoT) devices, mobile-based access control, and biometric systems, leading to more sophisticated and comprehensive security infrastructures.


What is the average pay rate for access control technicians on the field nation marketplace?

Technicians using the Field Nation marketplace have the freedom to bid on projects that align with their expertise.

On average, qualified techs using Field Nation get access to more than 40,000 work orders per year for access control configuration, installation, and troubleshooting projects. Though pay rates may vary based on the scope and location of work, the national average for access control technicians using Field Nation is $64.53 per hour. The Field Nation marketplace offers transparency and control by making payment terms visible within a work order for technicians to review before deciding to request or accept work. Start your journey today by signing up for your free account.


Why do access control technicians prefer contract work?

Access control technicians often prefer contract work due to the flexibility it offers in choosing projects, the opportunity to work on a variety of systems, and the potential for higher earnings. Contract work offers access control technicians a host of benefits that align with their skills and preferences:

  • Control and autonomy: Technicians can choose projects that fit their schedules and expertise.
  • Variety: Working on diverse projects hones skills and keeps work interesting.
  • Professional growth: Exposure to various projects contributes to continuous learning and growth.

Read the full research to learn more.


Why Field Nation?

Accelerate your career with Field Nation, the #1 labor marketplace for IT field service technicians. Experience the freedom to choose work that aligns with your skills and schedule, giving you the control you’ve always wanted. Whether you’re seeking to elevate your career or explore new opportunities, Field Nation empowers you to take charge of your professional journey.

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