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The role and future of digital signage for field service techs

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is a dynamic and interactive technology used for displaying digital content such as videos, images, and information. It’s increasingly popular for advertising, customer engagement, and distributing information across various industries, including retail, healthcare, education, and transportation.


What is a digital signage technician?

A digital signage technician specializes in installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting digital signage systems. These professionals ensure that the digital displays operate seamlessly, can access relevant content, and integrate effectively with other technological systems.


What projects might a digital signage technician find on Field Nation?

  • Digital signage installation: The physical setup and mounting of digital signage displays could be static or interactive digital displays in retail stores for advertising and promotions, healthcare facilities for patient information and wayfinding, or digital menu boards in restaurants and fast-food chains.
  • Digital signage diagnosis & repair: Identifying and fixing issues with existing digital signage systems, such as troubleshooting and repairing malfunctioning digital billboards in public spaces, diagnosing connectivity issues in digital signage networks within corporate offices, or repairing hardware issues like screen malfunctions or audio-visual problems in digital displays at event venues.
  • Digital signage configuration: Ensuring seamless setup and programming of digital signage software to display specific content, including advertising, customer engagement, or wayfinding in shopping malls, airports, universities, or other large complexes.
  • Digital signage uninstall: Safely disassembling and removing outdated digital signage systems from business premises during upgrades or uninstalling temporary digital signage setups post-events or promotional campaigns.


Which digital signage technician skills are in demand?

Skills in high demand for digital signage technicians include installation expertise, troubleshooting, network integration, content management, and familiarity with various digital signage software and hardware. Technicians should also be adept at customizing solutions based on different industry applications, including:

  • Retail digital displays and interactive kiosks
  • Digital signage in hospitals or corporate environments
  • Digital bulletin boards or interactive learning tools in schools and universities
  • Digital Menu Boards or Outdoor Menu boards in restaurants
  • Dynamic digital signage to support wayfinding, real-time updates, and ticket selection or collection at hotels, entertainment venues, and transportation hubs (airports, train stations, etc).


What certifications are required for digital signage technicians?

While specific certifications for digital signage technicians might vary, having a background in IT, network management, or a related field can be beneficial. The following networking certifications may be applicable:

  • CompTIA Network+: Covers essential networking concepts and technologies used for many digital signage projects.
  • Cisco CCNA: Focuses on Cisco networking solutions and technologies relevant to digital signage.

Additionally, experience or familiarity with the following digital signage software platforms may enhance a field service technician’s qualifications for related projects:

  • BrightSign: Known for its reliability and robust performance, BrightSign is widely used for managing digital signage content and is particularly popular in the retail and hospitality sectors.
  • SignageLive: This cloud-based digital signage software is known for its ease of use and supports a wide range of hardware options. It’s suitable for different industries, including education and healthcare.
  • Broadsign: Ideal for large-scale deployments, Broadsign is often used in outdoor advertising and offers advanced scheduling and content distribution capabilities.


What does the future look like for digital signage in the field service industry?

The future of digital signage in field services is marked by impressive growth and technological evolution. The market size is projected to reach USD 25.52 billion in 2024 and expand further to USD 38.20 billion by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 8.40%​​. This expansion is propelled by increasing adoption across various industries, with educational institutions notably viewing digital signage as crucial for future communication. Technological advancements are expected to bring more interactive and sophisticated solutions, demanding a higher level of expertise from field service technicians in installation, maintenance, and customization of these systems​​.


What is the average pay rate for digital signage technicians on the Field Nation marketplace?

Technicians using the Field Nation marketplace have the freedom to bid on projects that align with their expertise.

On average, qualified techs using Field Nation get access to more than 20,000 work orders per year for digital signage configuration, installation and troubleshooting projects. Though pay rates may vary based on the scope and location of work, the national average for wireless technicians using Field Nation is $64.13 per hour. The Field Nation marketplace offers transparency and control by making payment terms visible within a work order for technicians to review before deciding to request or accept work. Start your journey today by signing up for your free account.


Why do digital signage technicians prefer contract work?

Many digital signage technicians prefer contract work due to the flexibility it offers in choosing projects, the opportunity to work on a variety of digital signage systems, and the potential for higher earnings. Contract work offers digital signage technicians a host of benefits that align with their skills and preferences:

  • Control and autonomy: Technicians can choose projects that fit their schedules and expertise.
  • Variety: Working on diverse projects hones skills and keeps work interesting.
  • Professional growth: Exposure to various projects contributes to continuous learning and growth.

Read the full research to learn more.


Why Field Nation?

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