Field Service Transformation: KPIs for the Blended Workforce in the Gig Economy

Our study of Third Party Maintainers, Managed Service Providers (MSPs), OEMs, and service organizations found that several business KPIs were positively impacted by the decision to move from a traditional, W2-based field service workforce to a blended vendor and freelance workforce using a Freelance Management System (FMS).

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The 2016 Field Nation Freelancer Study: The Changing Face of the New Blended Workforce

The 2016 Field Nation Freelancer Study looks at the dynamics behind the new blended workforce and the way these changes affect the business world at large. Business leaders and entrepreneurs can learn steps to grow their business, delivery quality results, and find their best possible ROI.

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The Rise of the Blended Workforce in the New Gig Economy

A new study by Field Nation and Future Workplace addresses the “why” behind the increased usage of freelancers in the workplace and explains how the trend is gaining momentum in response to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and other macro factors.  

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The State of Contingent Workforce Management 2015-2016: The Future of Work is Here

The business world is changing. New technologies and strategies are redefining how work is being done and enterprises are being pushed into new territory as they seek competitive advantages and business sources. The notion of “talent” actively shapes how enterprises innovate, grow, and expand, making it today’s most valuable commodity. This independent research report presents a comprehensive, industry-wide view into what is happening in the world of today’s contingent workforce.

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The Variable Workforce Model: An Optimal Solution for Dealing with Field Service Uncertainties

Effectively managing the peaks and valleys in field service demand is one of the greatest challenges faced by managers and executives in the high-tech service industry. This whitepaper looks at the growing use of the freelance model in today’s field service marketplace and specifically outlines key differentiators and benefits of utilizing a Freelancer Management System (FMS) to effectively locate, retain and manage teams of independent contractors.

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Why the CIO Must Care About the Sharing Economy & Freelance Boom

In the enterprise, there are no shortages of audacious goals, strategic plans and future vision. But ideas alone are not enough; the ability to execute on vision and bring big ideas to life is what counts. This whitepaper provides five recommendations that technology executives in large enterprises should pay attention to if they want to capitalize on the emergence of the on-demand contingent workforce to achieve – and not just generate – big ideas.

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Why the CPO Needs to Care About the Freelance Boom

Historically, the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO), purchasing departments and finance teams have had limited exposure to the contingent workforce. Decisions to tap into the freelance space have been pushed down into departmental operational budgets or treated as ad hoc and tactical extra help. Now, with studies projecting that freelancers will make up over 40% of the U.S. workforce by the year 2020, CPO teams and departments can easily acknowledge the economic advantages offered by the freelance workforce. This eBook looks at how this changing dynamic delivers full visibility, accountability and control to today’s enterprise.

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The New Face Of The American Workforce

The world of work is changing. There has been a shift away from traditional, full-time employees, and towards an independent marketplace. Research shows that: 70% of traditional workers are disengaged with their jobs. Disengagement costs $450-550 billion in lost productivity. Freelancers break the mold. As a leader in the contingent marketplace, Field Nation's comprehensive review sheds actionable insight for business leaders and entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on this shift to grow their business and deliver the highest quality results.

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VIDEO - The New American Workforce

The world of work is changing. A shift is taking place as workers move away from traditional, full-time employment and towards an independent workforce. As a leader in the contingent marketplace, Field Nation is pioneering the way businesses and entrepreneurs are getting work done today and in the future.  

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Meet Field Nation, Meet Mynul Khan

Field Nation started in 2008 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mynul Khan is their founder and CEO. Meet the man and see what motivates Field Nation.

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Uncrowding The Crowd

We expose the importance of “uncrowding the crowd” when engaging a freelance and contract workforce. Crowdsourcing holds great promise for scale and just-in-time access. But without a platform and process to help locate and engage the right expert in the right place at the right time, businesses can falter. This whitepaper provides insights and recommendations to help organizations regain their edge when seeking highly skilled labor while maintaining the flexibility, reach and rapid delivery that cloud-based work marketplaces and project management platforms promise.

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Elastic Expertise

Highly distributed enterprises have mastered the ability to deliver their unique products, services and value to customers spread across zip codes, borders, time zones and oceans. With the success of wide reach comes the need for deep expertise anywhere your work takes you. Download our Elastic Expertise whitepaper to learn more about how your distributed organization can take advantage of talent where you need it and when you want it with Field Nation.

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