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Field Insider: What is a Select Tech and why are they the best fit for skilled cabling work?

September 19, 2022


Select Techs are technicians on the Field Nation marketplace with platform-verified experience and a track record of superior quality in various types of skilled cabling work – helping buyers find qualified talent more quickly and easily. 


What types of skilled cabling work can Select Techs support?

Techs with the Select Tech designation on their profiles have proven platform experience in at least one of the following types of skilled cabling work:

  • Advanced low-voltage cabling: running, terminating, testing, and certifying intra/inter-room cables
  • Network equipment installation + cabling: racking and stacking network equipment in addition to running and terminating cable for that equipment
  • Wireless equipment installation + cabling: installing wireless access points and routers in addition to running and terminating cable for that equipment
  • Point-of-sale (POS) installation + cabling: installing point-of-sale and self-checkout equipment in addition to running and terminating cable for that equipment
  • Cabling site surveys: conducting physical site surveys for low-voltage or fiber cabling
  • Structured cabling: installing copper or fiber cabling in standardized structured cabling environments
  • Fiber cabling: installing, terminating, troubleshooting, testing, and splicing fiber-optic cable


How does a technician become a Select Tech?

Technicians must meet two key criteria to receive the Select Tech designation on their profile:

  1. Extensive platform experience in at least one type of skilled cabling work listed above. Hover over the orange Select Tech designation on the provider’s profile to see which specific skill(s) a tech is qualified in. 
  2. Demonstrated quality, meaning Select Techs aren’t only recognized for their experience – they’re also techs you can count on to perform the work punctually and professionally. 

Automated vetting based on platform data ensures all Select Techs continually meet these two requirements to maintain their designation. It’s important to note that the Select Tech designation is currently only visible to Buyers at this time; it’s not visible to Providers. 


Why should I choose a Select Tech for my skilled cabling work?

Select Techs have been identified based on the technical skills and professionalism we know buyers are looking for. Finding and vetting technicians can take time and resources. The Select Tech designation is intended to help buyers running skilled cabling work on Field Nation vet techs more quickly and easily – with confidence that Select Techs are capable of completing the work and doing it well.  


How can I find a Select Tech?

When you create a new work order, assuming you have a detailed scope of work related to one or more of the skilled cabling work types listed above, you’ll see an orange tag (or several) populate under your work order title. These tags indicate that your work order “matches” with one of our skilled cabling work types. 

When assigning a work order, you can look for recommended providers with the Select Tech designation on the “Worked with” tab or the “Nearby” tab. Hover over the Select Tech designation to see which cabling or cabling-related skill(s) the provider has experience in. Premier users can also see a map view of Select Techs on MarketSmart™ Insights.

"Select Techs are exactly what will solve our vetting problems. The types of techs being recommended are top notch."

VP, Service Delivery


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