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Meet Mynul Khan 

Field Nation started in 2008 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mynul Khan is the Founder and CEO of Field Nation; the leading online work marketplace for connecting people to get work done. His programming and data analyst background, as well as a honed “growth hacking” business acumen, combine in the form of a humble and soft-spoken man who is uniquely driven.

Field Nation’s online platform combines a deep expertise marketplace with a complete project and work order workflow management platform to deliver skilled, onsite professionals anytime and anywhere they are needed. From vital business analytics, reporting and integration to the most popular ticketing and accounting software, Field Nation delivers the practical tools and actionable insight that makes it easier for organizations to complete important projects and achieve their goals. Whether companies with just one employee or 1,000 need to manage and staff internal projects, contingent workforce tasks or source local service for immediate needs, Field Nation is the choice to get work done.



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