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Manage your entire workforce with Field Nation ONE

September 10, 2018


In the U.S., the freelance economy continues to grow at an exponential pace, with little indication of slowing down. According to a recent study by Intuit, more than 40 percent of U.S. workers will be freelancers by 2020. As a result of this growth, businesses are forced to find efficient ways to manage different types of talent.

Efficiently Manage Contractors and W2 Employees

To provide customers with solutions that streamline their entire total workforce management process, Field Nation launched Field Nation ONE, the world’s leading single platform for sourcing, engaging, and managing a company’s on-site and on-demand workforce.

Through Field Nation ONE companies can publish work to every talent type to efficiently find the right talent.

Helping Businesses Manage Their Workforce

When working with a blended workforce, businesses face several hiring and talent management challenges. For one, many companies find it difficult to disperse work between W2 employees and contractors. Field Nation ONE reveals labor coverage gaps in advance so companies can request contractors to complete work before it becomes an issue. By showing all work being handled by a company’s W2 employees and independent contractors, companies can focus on growing their business.

Additional benefits of the Field Nation ONE platform include:

  • Optimizing Your Workforce – Effectively source and manage all types of talent, including W2 employees, private contractors and vendors, and public contractors through the Field Nation Marketplace.
  • Organize Talent Pools – Organize their entire workforce – including W2 employees, private contractors and vendors, and public contractors – into skill- and project-specific talent pools to easily identify the best individual for the job and quickly fill coverage gaps by easily finding the most relevant talent for your projects.
  • Manage Project Workflow – Monitor and optimize all elements of a project’s workflow. Through the dashboard, users are able to easily route work to private vendors, identify skilled service providers within the Field Nation Marketplace, and schedule W2 employees.

“As a leader of freelance marketplace solutions, we’re proud to introduce an innovative platform that provides onboarding, managing, and optimizing capabilities for the modern workforce,” said Mynul Khan, founder and CEO of Field Nation. “By simplifying the process of managing a blended workforce, businesses will be able to focus on what really matters – revenue and growth.”

Effects of Managing a Blended Workforce

Vendors and service providers also benefit from the platform, as it provides real-time updates and messages about available and assigned work through the mobile app, allows access to available work on the Field Nation Marketplace and distributes automated payments twice a week.

“It is very exciting to get into a single system and see our W2s and contractors at the same time,” said Jonathan Poole, CEO of F2Onsite. “We expect Field Nation ONE to help us better communicate with our customers, and through the mobile app we’ll be able to give real-time updates to our clients and look a lot more professional to our customers.”

Learn more about total workforce management with Field Nation ONE here.


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